The History of Theater - In One Amazing City
June 03, 2022
32. Philadelphia's 'Negro Unit' of the Federal Theatre Project: A Conversation

A Special interview with scholar Jonathan Shandell and director Jerrell Henderson.

An interview/conversation with Jonathan Shandell, the author of a January 2022 article in the journal Theater History Studies entitled "Caricatured, Marginalized, Betrayed".  The article examines the history of the Philadelphia "Negro Unit" of the Federal Theatre Project in the 1930s - specifically the history of three plays produced by the FTP at the Walnut Street Theatre. You can read more about Jonathan on his website:

Also in the conversation is Jerrell Henderson, a  theater director, puppeteer and teacher currently living in Chicago. A native Philadelphian, he has devoted much time to studying and writing about musical theater, especially Black musical theater. He is the curator and creator of black_theatre-vinyl_archive on Instagram.

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