The History of Theater - In One Amazing City


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Very Informative

This is a great podcast that teaches me about things I had no idea about before.


This second season of this podcast is fantastic. The episodes on Hammerstein’s Opera House are well-paced with compelling details about the growing culture of theater in Philadelphia in the early 1900s

Informative, enlightening, and engaging

Peter Schmitz’ deeply researched podcast uncovers important moments in Philadelphia theatre history, providing helpful context and insights, as well as resources for those of us interested in further digging. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this and could not hit the subscribe button fast enough.

Mutual Admiration Society

Peter and I are both non-native Philadelphians who have fallen in love with the city so much we do historical podcasts about it. My knowledge of Philadelphia Theaters used to be almost nothing. Now I can talk about the subject with some authority. AITH is informative and entertaining. I look forward to each episode. What more do you want from a podcast?

Well Researched and Compelling

Fascinating history I had never heard before. Such good use of historical records combined with thoughtful analysis and entertaining delivery.

Fun and informative!

Great Listening. Peter graciously expresses his enthusiasm for the subject with each anecdote he tells. Like a seasoned storyteller, Peter shares such interesting facts with style. And this is well researched. As a big philly theater fan, this is a must-hear.

Great fun!

Peter's narrations are such fun to listen to. They are like theater history told to you as a bedtime time story by your favorite uncle. They're more than just entertainment, though; they're informative and well researched. Bravo to Mr. Schmitz and his team.

Excellent Episode!

Fanny Kemble was a pivotal figure in changing U.S. attitudes about the respectability of theatre. I am very happy that you decided to focus on her for this episode. Your guest performer did an excellent job!

U.S. theatre history (particularly that which occurs outside NY) tends to be woefully under-explored despite the incredibly rich, sociologically relevant, politically explosive, and sometimes wonderfully wacky stories about life in this country it tells. I'm thrilled to see "Adventures in Theater History: Philadelphia" fill in this gap without shying away from problematic topics of race, gender, and other issues. Keep up the great work!

Excellent content, very well-produced! Adventures in Theater History: Philadelphia

This is great, little-known content on the very rich history of theater in Philadelphia. The production is excellent: good pacing, great music and audio, pauses that let you rest for a moment, and the narration by host/actor Peter Schmitz is enthusiastic and fun. As a retired college librarian, I enjoy the emphasis on scholarship and research. The blog provides visuals, links, and sources so you can follow along or learn more. Really wonderful. #philadelphia #theater #theaterhistory #earlyamericantheater #philadelphiatheater #theaterpodcasts

You don't have to be from Philly to enjoy this show!

The title makes it seem like it's only meant for Philly people, but everyone can enjoy this podcast. It doesn't matter where you are from - or even if you don't already know much about Theatre, or History. The host does a great job of telling stories in a way that makes the subject fun. He's clearly having a lot of fun himself, which always makes for a good podcast experience.