The History of Theater - In One Amazing City
April 16, 2021
7. Two Paintings at The Met

How two paintings - of a Black oyster-seller and a group of Native Americans - give us insights in the early theater of Philadelphia.

An examination of two works by artist John Lewis Krimmel, as they relate to the history of theater and public performance in early 19th Century Philadelphia.

The first image can be found online at: "Nightlife in Philadelphia—an Oyster Barrow in front of the Chestnut Street Theater", Metropolitan Museum of Art Collections.

The second image can be found online at: "Exhibition of Indian Tribal Ceremonies at the Olympic Theater, Philadelphia, 1811–ca. 1813", Metropolitan Museum of Art Collections:

Or you can see both these images, and also copies of the historic Philadelphia newspaper ads about the Native Americans dances at the New Theatre in 1802 and the Olympic Theatre in 1812 in the website blog for the podcast:  /blog/two-paintings-at-the-met/

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