Sept. 16, 2022

Photos of the Hedgerow & Jasper Deeter

Photos of the Hedgerow & Jasper Deeter

Cover of Barry Witham's book, A Sustainable Theatre, with an engraving of the Hedgerow Theatre by Wharton Esherick

Below, photo of Jasper Deeter on the stage of the Hedgerow Theatre in Susan Glaspel's Inheritors.

Arthur Rich and Jasper Deeter in Eugene O'Neill's The Emperor Jones, in the early 1930s: 

Jasper Deeter outside the Hedgerow. (All of the above photos were reprinted in A Sustainable Theatre. This photo is captioned: "From the collection of Mark Sfirri".)


Above: the schematic performance schedule for a typical Hedgerow Theatre season in the 20s and 30s. The image is now on display in the theater's main lobby entrance.

Below: October 8, 1942 cartoon in the Philadelphia Inquirer, accompanying a column by John M. Cummings headlined: "Wooden Swords Safer, Hedgerow Knights Find." (The well-muscled actor shown sniffing a rose is clearly a bit of homophobia, I would say.)

Painting of Deeter, made by a company member, from the collection of the Hedgerow Theatre:

Jasper Deeter obituary, New York Times, April 1972:


Here are some photos that I took during my tour of the Hedgerow campus in August of 2022 . . . 

The Hedgerow House:

The Barn behind the house:

The theater's original front door:

Below, and image of current Artistic Director Marcie Bramucci, holding a photo of Deeter acting in Inheritors with Anne Esherick.