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Photos of the Hedgerow & Jasper Deeter

Photos of the Hedgerow & Jasper Deeter

Cover of Barry Witham's book, A Sustainable Theatre, with an engraving of the Hedgerow Theatre by Wharton Esherick

Below, photo of Jasper Deeter on the stage of the Hedgerow Theatre, in a scene from Susan Glaspel's Inheritors.

Arthur Rich and Jasper Deeter in Eugene O'Neill's The Emperor Jones, in the early 1930s: 

Jasper Deeter outside the Hedgerow. (All of the above photos were reprinted in A Sustainable Theatre. This photo is captioned: "From the collection of Mark Sfirri".)


Above: the schematic performance schedule for a typical Hedgerow Theatre season in the 20s and 30s. The image is now on display in the theater's main lobby entrance.

Below: October 8, 1942 cartoon in the Philadelphia Inquirer, accompanying a column by John M. Cummings headlined: "Wooden Swords Safer, Hedgerow Knights Find." (The well-muscled actor shown sniffing a rose is clearly a bit of homophobia, I would say.)

Painting of Deeter, made by a company member, from the collection of the Hedgerow Theatre:

Jasper Deeter's obituary, New York Times, April 1972:


Here are some photos that I took during my tour of the Hedgerow campus in August of 2022 . . . 

The Hedgerow House:

The Barn behind the house:

The theater's original front door:

Below, an image of current Artistic Director Marcie Bramucci, holding a photo of Deeter acting in Inheritors with Anne Esherick.