Sept. 28, 2021

Philadelphia Theater History Walking Tour - October 23rd, 2021

Philadelphia Theater History Walking Tour - October 23rd, 2021

As promised, here are the details of the FIRST EVER Adventures in Theater History Walking Tour!!!

I will personally be leading a walking tour along the streets of Philadelphia on Saturday, October 23rd, starting at 9 am. If all goes according to plan, the tour should last about two hours. (In the event of rain that day, we will try again the next day, Sunday, October 24th.)

We will begin at the corner of South and Front Streets in Old City Philadelphia, and slowly work our way west and north from there.

Anticipated stops include: the sites of the very first theaters ever built in Philadelphia, the Theatre of the Living Arts, the grave of Edwin Forrest, the Walnut Street Theatre, the Academy of Music . . plus, a running tally of all the many sites of famous Philadelphia theater fires!

What about the cost? Well, if you are a "Backstage Pass" supporter of the podcast on Patreon, this tour is already part of your benefits - just show up! "Orchestra Seat" supporters can join the tour for $10, and "Front Row Balcony" supporters can come along for $20. 

For the general public, anyone can join the tour for $25. I am going to limit the size of the tour group to a maximum of twenty people, however, for safety reasons - I don't want to lose anybody along the way!

Whoever you are, if you would like to join the tour, simply email me at

I will then send you instructions for payment (Venmo is best, but we can work something else out if necessary) and your spot will be reserved!

Of course, often on the tour we will be discussing buildings and places that vanished long ago. An online document will be sent to all participants at the beginning of the tour, so bring along some mobile device to view historic images.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19 TO JOIN THE TOUR. I will ask you to provide some form of proof when you register. I am fully vaccinated myself, and will be glad to show you a laminated copy of my own vaccination card. Thank you for understanding about this necessary restriction; I want all of us to be healthy and safe. 

Thank you! Looking forward to the day, and meeting some of you long time listeners and supporters!