March 26, 2021

Plumstead's Warehouse, the Southwark Theatre, and the New Theatre - Blog Post and Bibliography for Episode 2

Plumstead's Warehouse, the Southwark Theatre, and the New Theatre - Blog Post and Bibliography for Episode 2

As promised, here is an image of the Old Theatre, or the Southwark Theatre, which stood for many years on Cedar Street (now South Street) in Philadelphia. It caught fire in 1821, and was mostly destroyed, but it was somewhat rebuilt and used and a warehouse and a brewery. It lasted, in fact, to 1913, when it was finally torn down (see photo below).

 Southwark Theatre 1913

Plumstead's Warehouse, which acted as the FIRST theater within Philadelphia proper in 1749, is thought to be depicted here, on the right of the group of three buildings, in this detail of a drawing of Philadelphia in the mid-18th Century:

 Plumstead's Warehouse


The interior of Wignell and Reinagle's New Theatre, as pictured in New York Magazine, April 1794. (Courtesy the Library Company of Philadelphia). The motto on the banner above the stage, held by a Cupid beneath an American eagle, was "The Eagle Suffers the Little Birds to Sing". A quote from Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, this was a reference to a lifting of the legal restrictions by the Federal Government on the performance of plays.

Interior of the Chestnut Street Theatre April 1794

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